Thank you for visiting our small online boutique! 
Each of our designers at Evermore Apparel have their own perception of the term "evermore" and we express that through our work. As new members in the industry, we encourage our shoppers to shop more sustainably while maintaining the beauty of a simple and minimalistic lifestyle. With that said, we hope to deliver this message though our merchandise while bringing awareness to our society and environment. 
Meet Gakei
Co-Owner & Product Developer
Hi shoppers! As a product developer, my goal is for people to wear my merchandise comfortably while enjoying my designs. Evermore, to me, means creating timeless and simple merchandise that holds a meaningful connection to the wearer. 
Hope you all enjoy Evermore Apparel and continue to support us on our journey!

Meet Hannah

Hello online shoppers. As a co creator of Evermore, I strive for simplicity with a bold statement relating to our lives. To me, Evermore is not only a company but a lifestyle choice made by both the wearer and us the designers.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting this journey of ours!